Diversify your funding base

Our dealers include multinational investment banks as well as regional specialists. Share your funding targets across products (CP, CDs, EMTNs and more) in one place for all your dealers to access. You have complete control over who sees your information and you can see who’s viewed your information, helping keep your fingers on the pulse of the market.

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Sharpen your pricing targets

Calibrate your funding targets scientifically, using our suite of analytics and data. With our real-time cross currency pricer, see how your spreads look in any of the G10 currencies or as a spread vs government bonds. Then, compare your curves to benchmarks of your peers, helping ensure you achieve better pricing when you borrow.

Save time with robust, digital workflow

Send your targets to dealers directly from your Excel spreadsheet using our customised macro. Receive level inquiries directly on the platform, allowing you to respond immediately, and keep track of which dealers asked for what. And soon, with our automatic termsheet generator, say goodbye to wasted hours reconciling error-prone termsheets.

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